Our Story

I believe flowers have the power to bring people joy. My saying is “you can never go wrong with flowers.” When I moved to Texas I had a dream in my heart to start something new and creative that people would love. I bought a  Japanese mini truck and the rest is history. It is so much fun to meet new people and see them put together a bouquet that they love. I hope you get to visit the little truck soon for your very own flower bouquet!

-Alex Gibson, Owner


It started with a prayer…

While it had been a dream of mine to own a business, I ended up teaching after college. I loved it, but felt that I should be doing something else. I had the idea of starting the flower truck, and bringing something sweet and creative to East Texas. My husband, Pierce encouraged me to pursue the flower truck, and here we are! I love meeting fellow ETX people and bringing a little sunshine to their day.

ETX Flower Truck Opening 2018-ETX Flower Truck Opening 2018-0017.jpg

Poppy the Flower Truck

We got Poppy in Houston, TX. She is a Japanese MIni Truck, a 1993 Dihatsu Hijet to be exact. When we got the truck, it was white and didn’t have a canopy. We worked with different local businesses to customize the truck, and Poppy got her makeover. If you see Poppy on the road, give her a honk and wave, and please excuse her for driving so slow, she can’t help it.